Ombré Nails


Nails Image 1

If you enjoy painting your nails why not take a break from writing essays and doing seminar prep by experimenting with the art of Ombré nails? The trend of Ombré has been very popular this season in terms of hair but that doesn’t mean that it should be restricted to hair. Ombré nails are a great way of using shades of nail varnish that you’ve had lying around and can be done to suit any colour palette. This is how it’s done…

To start off you’ll need to choose your colour scheme and make sure that you have a very light shade of your chosen colour, a very dark shade, and at least one shade in between the two. As well as this you’ll need a clear nail varnish – this will be used not only to thin out your coloured varnishes but to add a top coat when your nails are finished. You will need foil or cling-film to act as your varnish palette and a sponge for application, I have used a cosmetic sponge but any kind of bath or kitchen sponge will work too. Finally you’ll need nail varnish remover and cotton buds to clean up any mess made around the edges of your nails to perfect the look.

Nails Image 3Step 1

Apply a base coat of your lightest shade and then another so that you have a thick, opaque layer.

Step 2

Create a palette using your foil/cling-film; separate the colours so that there is enough room in between to mix them. Add a drop of your transparent polish to each colour to thin it out, so that it is less opaque when applied to the nail.

Step 3

Nails Image 2Dip the sponge in your second darkest shade and then blot it onto your foil to get rid of excess polish. Next, dab the sponge onto your nail from the top down, leaving a few millimetres of your base coat showing so that there is space to blend your base coat and shade 2. To blend them either blot your sponge even more so that even less polish goes on to your nail, or using your foil mix together your two lightest shades and use your new colour to mix the two. Don’t worry if this bit gets messy, you can clean up any smudges at the end!

Nail Image 4Step 4

Once you’ve perfected the bottom half of the nail, concentrate on the top. Start with your darkest shade and using the same method as step 3, apply it to the top quarter of your nail. As in step 3 blend these two colours so that you have a gradual fade from light to dark, using either the further blotting of your sponge, or your mixing of the colours.

Step 5

Dip your cotton wool bud into your nail varnish remover and get rid of any mess you’ve made, and apply your transparent top coat.

Nails Image 6You’re Finished! And your final result should look something like this; plus you can now try other colours too…

(Images of nails courtesy of Chelsea Taylor)


  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I love this ombre look!

    – KW

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